If the New Year finds you wondering what to wear during the coldest months of 2019, look no further. We’ve checked with the experts and made a list of 2019 winter fashion trends that will keep you warm and let you embrace your own sense of style at the same time. Read on to find the latest winter fashion tips for 2019!

1. Build your look: denim, leather, and basic bottoms.

Jeans are a fundamental part of fashion, and this year’s no exception. Jameela Jamil even wore them on the Golden Globes red carpet! So make sure you have a couple of pairs in your wardrobe to give you the basic look and feel you want.

Have a pair of bootleg-cut jeans on hand for heavier foot coverage on those colder days, or show off a stylish shoe or boot with a straight-legged jean cut. And don’t forget that the jean jacket returns, bringing with it influences like shoulder pads from the 80’s or a lean, classic look from the 50’s.

Finally, have a good selection of basic bottoms in your wardrobe: Choose from solid-colored culottes, capris, and standard pants. As for skirts, there’s a variety of lengths to select from, including maxis, minis, and pencil skirts. You can even pick a couple of leather pieces.

2. Don’t be shy with color.

Intense colors are one of the hallmarks of 2019 winter fashion. You’ll see bold-colored monochromatic dresses, tops, bottoms, and jumpsuits in bright or deep blues, reds, oranges, and yellows. Don’t be surprised to see a raincoat in day-glo pink or blue, or an evening gown with a hint of holographic translucence.

Technology is a huge fashion influencer this winter, and this list of Pantone color trends in web design gives you an idea of its impact. But the season’s not entirely about highly-saturated colors and high tech: 2019 hues are also influenced by the colors of minerals, stones, metals, and natural browns.

So if you wish, you can wear winter with the quiet elegance of lavenders, earth tones, or stone grays. Vogue sums up the color palate with a list of  2019’s fashion color scheme:

  • whiskey brown
  • cherry red
  • digital blue
  • fuchsia pink
  • lavender (lilac)
  • marble gray
  • olive green (with some yellow)
  • orange
  • sapphire yellow
  • silver

form3. Flatter your form.

There are a lot of choices this winter on how you can achieve a flattering form that fits your curves. Form-fitting zipper dresses, shirts, and jumpsuits are back in style, as well as wrap-around dresses, tops, and skirts.
Wearing these body-hugging styles is a way to flatter your figure. Then you can feel free to add on sweaters, jackets, scarves, capes, or back shrugs as desired.

4. Go with all that glitters.

You’ll see metals and other materials such as beads, stones, sequins, and silver or gold used as accents. So have fun with choosing accessories during these cold winter months with gold or silver chains, translucent beads, or metallic designs. These accents can reinforce or compliment any statement you make with your wardrobe.

For instance, if you just want a touch of glitter while projecting a calm, casual persona, select an elegant tunic or a flattering button-up shirt dress cinched at the waist. Layer the look with a sweater, jacket, or scarf. Slip into your favorite boots, and you’re ready to go.

using5. Play with patterns.

Polka dots

Polka dots started making a comeback in 2016.

And for winter 2019, they’re still abundant and as playful as ever. Part of the bold pattern trend for winter 2019, large polka dots — alone in an outfit or contrasting in color with a solid top or bottom — make a simple, yet powerful statement.

They’re also the harbinger of what’s to come in the spring — smaller polka dots matched with feminine colors and delicate fabrics.


You may think that florals are just for spring and summer.

Large floral prints with dark backgrounds give your look a wintry feel. Floral designs in black and white or another pair of colors can capture the crisp essence of the colder months.

Prints featuring American prairie landscapes and Asian floral prints are also popular this winter.

Checks, plaids, and houndstooth patterns

You’ve seen this retro look come back for fall in earthy browns and oranges, but for winter 2019, you can choose whatever colors you want. Tops and bottoms come in plaids, classic checker patterns, and houndstooth.

You’ll find plaid prints in smaller forms and subdued colors as well as bold blocks of bright hues. Pair up a checkered skirt or pant with a leather jacket, for example. And for a bit of a daring look, choose a short skirt that reveals a little skin when you wear your favorite boots.

6. Layer in luxury with classic sweaters.

Although the 2019 winter season certainly has its moments for form-fitting outfits, the coldest months of the year are meant for layering up. And that’s when you pick your favorite shirt and snuggle into an oversized sweater. This year, you’ll have your choice of cabled sweaters and variations on the ribbed cardigan.

bell7. Experiment with bell-shaped sleeves and cuffs.

Here’s yet another nod to the past with the return of the wide, bell-shaped sleeve or pant cuff. This embellishment is commonly used to accent a form-fitting monochromatic top, bottom, jumpsuit or dress, so the clothing item doesn’t need to be patterned to call attention to itself.

Whether you choose marble gray, digital-blue, or bright red for your main color, widened bell sleeves or cuffs add additional flair and style to your look.

8. Say it with fur.

Fur is back! You can choose eco-friendly faux fur, or you can treat yourself and buy the real thing. You’ll see fur everywhere — in capes, collars,  shoulder wraps, and elegant back shrugs for cocktail dresses or gowns.

And of course, you’ll see plenty of luxurious-looking fur coats which take us back to the golden days of Hollywood. Sheepskin is also making a comeback, so you can have fun coordinating sheepskin outerwear and boots with flannel shirts, sweaters, and jeans.

fur9. Pick an animal print.

In tunics, tee-shirts, pants, or button-up tops, animal prints make a showing. You’ll find featured prints in leopard, tiger, zebra, and even snake-skin. Plus, you don’t have to limit your favorite animal prints to appearing in traditional natural fur colors. You can have your spots surrounded by a background of cool pastel colors like green or blue.

10. Coordinate your outfit with your favorite footwear.

Lastly, there are a lot of choices for footwear this winter, so you don’t have to settle for just one look. Coordinate your clothes with ankle boots or dig out those cowboy boots in the back of your closet. As for shoes, even the dainty Mary Jane and thick-soled canvas sneakers are making a comeback.

choosingA final note: The eclectic look for 2019

As you can see, all of these looks this cold winter season draw their inspiration from a variety of styles and time periods. This winter is the time to play with new renditions of old favorites. So mix and match colors, textures, and decades as you keep in mind comfort and warmth!

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