It’s that time of year again. The flowers are blooming and the sun is shining outside. That means spring cleaning. Make room for spring fashion. Out with the sweaters and in with the tanks. You’re in luck because Mich’s is here with some great tips to help you organize your closet for spring.


The first step to organizing any closet is to get rid of the clutter. This can be a hard task for some people. You spent hard earned money on these items, you spent time picking them out and you probably have good memories wearing them. But, unless you want stacks of clothes to start taking over your entire bedroom, you’re going to have to purge.

Start by quickly sorting everything in your closet into three piles: Keep, Maybe and Toss. Don’t think too hard during this step. If you pick something up and your first instinct is toss, put it in the toss pile. Don’t let second thoughts keep you from getting rid of things that need to go.

Once you have your piles, take the Maybe pile and consider each item. You may want to do this with the items in the Keep pile as well, especially if it’s a large pile. There are two important questions to ask yourself about each item that you’re considering:

Does this item serve me? 

By that, we mean, does this item make you feel good when you wear it? Does it fit you correctly? Do you get compliments on it? Does it fit your current personal style? If the answer is yes to all these, move on to the next question.

Do I have at least three other items I can wear this with? 

A pair of pants isn’t going to do you any good, no matter how well they fit, if you don’t have a single top to wear it with. Make sure every item in your closet has three other things it can be worn with. Now, if you really love an item and it fits your personal style, it may be worth keeping– as long as you plan to purchase items to wear it with soon. Especially if you’ve recently moved your personal style in a new direction. You may have to purchase items that fit in with this. Keep this in mind while your shopping for spring clothes, so that your final product at the end of this entire process is a wardrobe you can actually wear.

After you’ve gone through all the items in your closet, and gotten rid of everything you need to, we’re ready to get down to organization. Here are a few options for keeping your closet streamlined and easy to navigate:

Put Away Out of Season Wear

Store your winter clothes out of the way, so they aren’t cluttering up your space. Use nice boxes or wicker baskets and place these on a higher shelf. Put the items you’ll use more often in easy to reach areas.

Play With Bar Placement

You don’t have to have just one bar in the classic spot, about a third down from the top. Play around with the hanging bar placement to find something that works for you.

Stop wasting all that space at the top of the closet, by hanging two bars, one high bar, and one low. This way, you can hang shirts on the top bar and pants or skirts on the lower bar. If possible, make the lower bar a shorter bar, meaning it doesn’t go all the way across. One side of the closet will be for longer items, such as dresses, that are hung from the top bar. You can also buy a closet doubler, like this one, to make use of two bars.

Try using only one bar, but move it closer to the top of the closet. This makes room for storage underneath. You could even move a set of drawers in under the hanging clothes.

Make Use of Shelves and Hooks

Many shelves are adjustable. Take advantage of this by creating taller shelves for items that need more space, like boots, and shorter shelves for folded clothes. This way your stacks aren’t becoming so tall they topple over.

Use hooks or rows of hooks to display belts, hats or purses. Scarves make a beautiful scene when they are tied neatly in a row, giving you the chance to show off your collection.

Add Decor

Your closet doesn’t have to just be a place where stuff is kept. Give it your own sense of style by hanging portraits on unused wall space or placing a rug or fur mat on the floor. A chandelier or similar hanging decor can add a bit of whimsy. Make your closet something that feels good to look at. A little pattern or texture in storage boxes can go a long way.

The last piece of advice we have for you is to not leave empty space. Empty space invites clutter. You’re likely to start just throwing items onto that empty shelf because it’s there and then your space looks messy again. Make sure everything has its place and every place has its thing. This is not to say your closet needs to be packed full, but don’t leave pockets of open space that could be used for something.

Now that you’ve decluttered and organized, it’s time for some new spring clothes. Check out our Spring Collection for the fabulous items you need.